• Light, fast, save time, slim, transparent, long lifespan, elegant appearance, easy design
  • Metal connector structure, solid and long life span
  • One second fast locking installation, save time
  • IP rating reach IP65, good for outdoor environment
  • Adopted SMD 3528 LED light source, high brightnessand good stability 
 Minimum thickness is 7 mm  Maximum thickness is 17 mm
 Easy bend and change design  Protection level reach IP65
 Metal connection component  Single Unit Weight is 1.85 KG

 Size & Structure Diagram



Type Number LED.P9.Flexible.Curtain
Pixel Pitch (mm) 9
LED standard SMD3528
Pixel composition 3 in 1
Pixel desity (dot/m²) 11377
Module resolution (L*W) 32*16
Dimensions (mm) L299*W147
Scan mode 01-Ağu
Grey level 65536 level
Refresh rate >2000
Brightness (CD/m²) 1800
Unit module dimension L300*H900mm
XUnit module composition L1*H6* Module
Unit module pixel L32*H96 dot
Max.power consumption/unit module 135W
Control case dimension 535*200*150mm
Control area/control case L4*H2 Unit / L2*H4 Unit
Control Pixel/unit case L128*H192 pixel / L64*H384 pixel
Control dimension (mm) W1200*H1800MM / W600*H3600MM
Xmax.power Consumption/control case 1200W
Protection Level IP 42 ( Not waterproof ) / IP 65 ( Waterproof )
View angel 110°
Working temperature -20°C~+50°C
Life span ≥50,000 hours
Working voltage AC 220 V / (110V) ±15% , 47~63 HZ
Control system LED FLASH Computer Controller System

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You can choose carton or flight case for package for easy transportation.