Light Body

Single size light source, 2 LED lamps as 1 Pixel, high brightness

Fixed clamp is used in the Smallpox Falling Star Light and ceiling fixed, make Smallpox Falling Star Light into horizontal

Dimensional Drawing


  Type number  LED.CL.001  LED.CL.002
  Dimension (mm)        φ30*L860mm φ30*L1200mm
  LED pixel 24 36
  LED quantity 48 72
  Maximum power  19W/PCS 27W/PCS
  Refresh rate 400HZ 400HZ
  Display color Full color RGB Full color RGB
  Brightness 200Lm 300Lm
  Weight 0.35kg 0.55kg
  Beam angle 180°
  Input voltage DV 15V
  Crust material Polycarbonate
  Life span ≥50000 hours
  Working tempertature -10~50°C
  Protection level IP42
  Isolating grade CLASSE Ⅱ
  Connect mode Standard power cord, 10M cable, independent extension cord
  Control mode LED vision + colorlight 5 A card 16 output electric box + LED receiver

Packing Details