Fields of Application

The most significant factor determining styles and qualities of entertainment venues is light designs.

CostumeLight professional stage light equipment provides service with light designs creating a difference which are most suitable to needs of Club venues with model diversity, product features and effect diversity. 

Further, light program software that could be synchronized with music allows clubs to offer their guests a visual show.

CostumeLight DanceFloor floor led screen applications change whole atmosphere of the venue and add distinctiveness to Club medium. 


Exterior image of a hotel reflects identity and difference of that hotel.

CostumeLight Architecture Exterior Illumination Systems realize project designs  that accord with design, spirit and architectural lines of exterior of hotels thanks to product diversity.

During application stage; products suitable for seasonal conditions and external factors are used, long lasting and durable results are obtained.   

In ball rooms, meeting halls, conference halls, disco & bar, pool etc. spaces which are internal spaces of hotel enterprises which attempt to create the best conditions and ambiances for their respective guests, quality and space specific applications are carried out using professional stage light, led screen and illumination systems of CostumeLight.


Illumination and visual systems have an important place on perception of people in social spaces.

CostumeLight has been providing service for a period in excess of 15 years with light and led screen system applications in accordance with design and requirements suitable for styles of Cafes, Bars and Restaurants.

Thanks to extensive model diversity, CostumeLight products applied provide desired quality ambience for the spaces.


All needs are satisfied by using light, led screen and led illumination systems of CostumeLight at many departments of Malls like entertainment centers, stores, food court, concert and organization areas, movie theaters, ice rinks where people spend time nowadays with pleasure.

Further, exterior led illumination project design and applications that would feature architectural image of Mall buildings during the evening & night attract attention of vicinity, reflect quality and concept are performed with CostumeLight guarantee and many visual effects can be implemented.

Attention grabbing ads, promotions or special effect displays can be performed with CostumeLight Outdoor Led Screen applications that may be used for multi-purposes at exteriors of Mall buildings.


Plaza and Residences continue to take their place fast as life value rising in metropolis life in large cities.

COSTUMELIGHT Architectural exterior led illumination systems are successfully applied for the purpose of featuring architecture of residences that rise to the sky during evening & night hours and to show their magnificence with visual effect applications.


Application of right brand and model light systems carry great importance for obtaining professional service for cultural centers, movie theaters, theater halls, conference halls and multi-purpose halls which provide service to the society as social and cultural life centers.

CostumeLight professional stage light systems apply most accurate solutions suitable for concept of space thanks to extensive model characteristics and effective employment of the same.

Further, various CostumeLight led screen systems having the feature of applicability at any size gain visual richness to such spaces.


Concert areas which are indispensable spaces for professional sound, light, led screen and led illumination applications constitute a whole for all listeners. CostumeLight is manufactured to obtain most accurate result in such spaces which bear a requirement of professional project design and application in technical sense. With effect applications, color scale, power and performance, CostumeLight offers proven service in the category of concert areas.


In television industry, Studio setup requires a fully-equipped activity in technical sense. Professional technical equipment most suitable to shooting and broadcasting system must be used.

CostumeLight’s professional light and led illumination models are successfully applied in technical setup of television Studios. Further, service is provided in the field of led screen and led screen dance floor systems used at Studios.